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Real estate is today more than ever a popular asset class and for many investors investments in real estate are an essential part in good structured portfolio. There are many different ways to invest in real estate - from the acquisition of an individual apartment for letting purposes, over open or closed-ended funds, listed real estate companies to various forms of co-ownerhip models.

The Prague Prime Homes Investment Programme offers you the opportunity, to become a co-owner of a selected apartment building in the exciting city of Prague. Depending on the project participate not only on current income of the apartment building, but also on a possible value appreciation of the property. You get additional security through the land registry, whereby a trustee will be registered in the land registry on behalf and in the name of the owners.

Because the majority of lease agreement is linked to the Consumer Price Index, your current income is protected against deflation through inflation in the Czech Republic.

Another advantage are the currently attractive tax conditions in the Czech Republic with a flat tax of 15% for personal income and 19% for corporates.

The evaluation of real estate, the structuring of the transaction and the complete property management will be undertaken by the experts of Prague Prime Homes locally.

To optimize your income, the projects are financed partly with debt capital, so you can obtain a benefit from the leverage effect.