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The Prague Prime Homes Investment Programme (“PPH Investment Programme”) is an opportunity to invest in selected real estate in Prague, a market that offers currently attractive market conditions for real estate investments.

The PPH Investment Programme offers potential investors the opportunity to invest in individual residential properties before refurbishment with the intention to convert them into state-of-the-art apartment buildings. Following the refurbishment properties will be held by the investors for some years for letting purposes, providing on-going cash flows from rental income with additional return potential at the disposal or they will be sold as soon as possible after the renovation with the potential to generate attractive re-development profits in a relatively short period. In addition the PPH Investment Programme may also select already redeveloped residential or mixed use properties and offer investors the possibility to invest in such properties if those offer attractive return potentials.

In each case investors will hold a stake in a specific building, in most of the cases with a trustee registered on its behalf in the land register or in the company register if the project is structured via a project holding company).

The analysis of potential properties as well as the development management and/or property management upon the disposal at the end of the investment horizon will be undertaken by Prague Prime Homes Management s.r.o (PPH Management), a limited liability company incorporated in the Czech Republic.

The return will be different for different projects and the return expectation for a specific project will be described in the individual project presentation, but in general PPH Management will aim to focus on investment opportunities with an annualised return potential of at least 7%.