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The history of Prague started in the end of the 9th century and was shaped by the countries rulers. The history is also proofed of the vitality of its inhabitants and hundreds of different legends and myths. The town which grows in the early Middle Ages became the seat of princes and the royal.

Unique is the influence of many different epochs which you can see on the basis of many buildings. The city centre consists of 6 different parts which are combined in the 18th century.

Prague offers also a wide range of quality tourist services.  The city has also a very good traffic infrastructure. Prague is located at the intersection of highways and expressways. The Ruzyne International Airport connects the city with many destinations.

The Czech standard of living is the highest of all Eastern European EU members and it almost touches that of its Western European neighbours, such as Austria and Germany and in the worldwide qualify of life ranking for 2012 Prague was ranked the highest-ranking Eastern European city.

The Vltava presents quality of life with many restaurants on the shore and not at last because of this Prague is also known as the Venice of the Vltava River. Also nice is the island of Moldova, which is separated by a small stream from the shore.

Given the world-famous historical landmarks such as the Charles Bridge or the Prague Castle, Prague is one of the most frequented holiday destination in Europe. Since the opening of the Iron Curtain, the tourism industry could realize a rapid development.